Applying an AutoFormat to a table

You can apply a predefined style to the active table: either a style you have created or a predefined Word style.

Place the insertion point in a cell and click the Table Tools - Design tab.

Under Table Style Options, check or uncheck the options you want in your table.

You can modify these options later, when you have applied the style.

To see more styles, click the More button images/13iac33.png from the lower part of the scroll bar in the Table Styles group.

Alternatively, you can just scroll down the list until you find a style you like.

If you are not sure which style to select, point to the styles in the list to see how they would be reproduced in the active table.


The styles displayed in the gallery reflect the Table Style Options.

Click the style to confirm your choice.

The style is applied to the active table.

If the table style does not meet your needs, use the Table Style Options to change the table style options.

If the table style uses theme colours (which is the case with predefined tables), those colours will change if you apply another theme.

For more information about creating and managing table styles, refer to the headings Creating a style and Managing styles, from the chapter Styles and style sets.