Managing the records in a data list

The records in a data list can be managed using a data entry grid. However, if you are using a list contained in an Excel worksheet (.xlsx) or in an Access database (.accdb), some functions will not be available, such as, for example, adding a field, or deleting a record. To carry out these functions, you will have to open the relevant file in its own application.

Going to the data entry grid or data source

Open the main document.

Click the Mailings tab.

Go to the Start Mail Merge group and click the Edit Recipient List button.

The Mail Merge Recipients dialogue box opens with the recipients listed in a table. The file name of the recipients list is displayed in the first column.

Under Data Source, select the name of the data file then click Edit.


The way records are displayed depends on the source file type. If the source file is a Microsoft Office address list, a database or Excel workbook table (or query), records are displayed in tabular form (see screenshot above). If the source file is a Word document or text file, you will see the first record in the data entry form, like this:


If you are working from a data entry form, use the buttons at the bottom to move from one record to another.

Adding a record

Open the data entry grid or data source (cf. previous sub-heading).

Click the Add New or New Entry button (whichever is shown).

A blank grid or a blank line appears and the current Entry Number changes.

Type the data for the new record(s). When you have entered the last field, press [Tab] ...