Translating text

You can rapidly translate text from one language to another using any bilingual dictionaries installed on your computer as well as online automatic translation services available on the Web. The dictionaries allow you to translate words, while the Internet translation services can translate whole sentences, paragraphs and even entire documents.

If you want to access automatic translation services on the Internet, make sure that you are online.

If the text you want to translate is already in the document, select it.

From the Review tab, go to the Language group and click Translate.

Click the Translate Selected Text option.

If you have selected text in your document, you will see its translation in the Research pane. Otherwise, the We couldn’t find what you were looking for message lets you know that nothing has been translated.


In the example on the left, a word is translated using a bilingual English (United States)/French (France) dictionary; in the example on the right, a phrase is translated using the Web translation service Microsoft Translator.

When Word does not find a translation, you see the We couldn’t find what you were looking for message in the Research task pane. When this happens, you can expand the Can’t find it? category by clicking the images/13i61.png button and trying one of the suggested methods.

If you have not selected anything in the document, enter the text to translate in the Search for box then click images/13i71.png. The translation result will appear in the lower part of the Research task pane.

To translate ...