Managing comments

Creating comments

Comments are notes or messages that you attach to text. Comments are especially useful when more than one user works on the document (cf. Make a document available to multiple users).

Go into Print Layout view and select the text to which the comment should refer.

In the Review tab, go to the Comments group and click the New Comment button.

The cursor blinks inside a balloon to the right of the document inside which appears the name of the user.

Enter the comment text in the balloon.


The text to which the comment refers appears against a coloured background.

If comments are inserted in the same document by different users, each user’s balloons appear in a different colour.

Click elsewhere in the document.

If the Simple Markup option is selected in the Display for Review images/13i156.png list in the Tracking group (Review tab) and the Show Comments button is deactivated in the Comments group, when you create a comment a small balloon images/13i157.png appears to the side of the window.
When you click in the document, the comment window disappears; to make it reappear, click the balloon images/13i157.png.

In Draft view the comments do not appear in the Comment balloons, you need to display the Reviewing Pane to see them: in the Review tab, go to Tracking group, open the list linked to the Reviewing Pane button, then click the Reviewing Pane Vertical or Reviewing Pane Horizontal depending on which orientation you want it to be. Clicking the Reviewing Pane button once enables you to view or hide the pane.

Showing/hiding comments

In Print Layout view, ...