Using the OneDrive online storage area

OneDrive (formerly SkyDrive) is an online storage service made available by Microsoft to all users with a Microsoft account (account used with Hotmail, Messenger, Windows Phone, Xbox LIVE, etc.). Each user has a free personal area of 5 Gb, and they can purchase additional space (up to 1 Tb).

The advantages of using OneDrive

Data (files, photos, music etc.) saved to this storage space can be accessed with any Internet-connected device: they are synchronised automatically to those devices.

To access files in your personal storage area from one of the Office applications, you need to be signed in with your Microsoft account details (see chapter on Managing accounts); if you have more than one storage area, you can add them as services, so that you can access those too (File tab - Account - Add a service - Storage).

In your OneDrive area, there are four folders by default: the Documents folder (intended to store your personal files), the Pictures and Music folders (to store your multimedia files) and the Public folder (to store files you want to share with other users). In this latest version of Word, it is now possible for several people to work on the same document in real time (see chapter on Group work).

You can use the Windows File Explorer to manage the files you have saved to OneDrive; OneDrive is offered in the navigation (left-hand) pane, or you can manage those files directly within your online area at For tablets or smartphones, you can use the OneDrive app (which is free to download for iOS and Android ...