Inserting content controls in a form

A content control is in the form of a text, combo or list box, date picker or building blocks selector.

Make sure the Developer tab is active in the ribbon, then activate it.

Go to the Controls group and click the Design Mode button to activate Design mode.

Place the cursor where you want the field to appear.

In the Controls group, click one of the following tool buttons:


Inserts a text control where users can enter text.


Inserts a picture control where users can select a picture.


Inserts a combo box content control where users can select an item in the list or enter text if no item suits him.


Inserts a list box content control where users can select an item in the list.


Inserts a date picker content control where users can select a date.


Inserts a check box control.

The content control is inserted in the document at the cursor position.


Inside the content control you can see a placeholder text field (in this example it is Click here to enter text) called instructional text. This text guides the user when filling in the form; the text disappears when the user types their own text.

To change the placeholder instructional text, select the text, press the [Del] key then enter the new instructional text.

Use this method to insert all the content controls.

You can deactivate Design mode by clicking the Design Mode button (in the Controls group).

To format your content control, click the images/13i139.png button to select it, then format it as you would normally format a Word document.

Save the changes ...