Numbering paragraphs or putting bullets in front of them

Applying bullets or numbering from the library

Select the paragraphs you wish to format.

From the Home tab, open the list on the images/13iac19.png tool to put a bullet in front of each paragraph, or the list on the images/13iac20.png tool to put numbers in front of the selected paragraphs.

Several styles of bullets and numbers are available in the respective libraries.

If you have used bullets or numbers in the active document since opening Word, you will see the message Recently Used Bullets and Recently Used Number Formats.

If any of the open Word documents contain bullets or numbering, you will see them in the Document Bullets or Document Number Formats box.

If you are not sure which bullets or numbers to apply, point to the bullets/numbering to see a preview of how they would appear in the document.


Click on the bullet style or number format to add to the selected paragraphs.

Clicking directly on either the images/13iac19.png or images/13iac20.png tool allows you to add the last bullet or number format used.
To delete bullets and numbering applied to a paragraph, select one of the relevant paragraphs and click on either the images/13iac19.png tool or the images/13iac20.png tool to deactivate it. You can also open the respective lists images/13iac19.png or images/13iac20.png then click None from the Bullet Library or Numbering Library.

Applying a different bullet

Select the relevant paragraphs.

From the Home tab, open the list on the Bullets tool images/13iac19.png then click Define New Bullet.

To use a symbol as a bullet, click the Symbol button to select the symbol you want, then click OK.

To use a picture as a bullet, click the Picture button ...