Creating a template

All new documents are based on a template, the default template being Normal.dotm. You can create your own template from scratch, building styles, text and so on, or you can create a template from a document that already contains the required styles and/or texts.

Creating a template based on an existing template

Click the File tab, then click New.

To base your new template on the Normal.dotm template or on the custom template, select Blank document from the right-hand pane.

To base the new template on a template from the site, if you like one of the Word templates available online, click its thumbnail, then click Create (for more details about finding a template online, refer to the heading Creating a document from a template in the Documents chapter).

To base the new template on a custom template (a template you have created), click the PERSONAL option under the Suggested searches box then click the template you want to base the new one on; if the template you want to use is stored in a sub-folder, click the sub-folder to open it, then click the template.

You will not be able to see the PERSONAL option if no personal templates have been created. Whatever template you use to create your new template, its content will appear in the new document.

Set out the styles, text and layout for your new template.

Click the File button, then click Save.

Select the This PC option from the centre pane, then click the Documents folder in the right-hand pane. (If that folder is not displayed, select Browse from the centre ...