Creating a document from a template

You can create a new document which already contains the styles (and/or text) saved in a specific template. This can be a built-in template, a custom-made template from your hard drive, or a template from the Microsoft site.

Using a custom-made template

A custom-made template is a template that you have created yourself (cf. Templates - Creating a template).

Click the File tab, then click New.


By default, Word suggests models available online: the FEATURED option under the Suggested searches box is active.

To view your custom templates, click the PERSONAL template under the Suggested searches box.

The PERSONAL option will not be visible if no custom templates have been created.

Custom templates are saved in your Custom Office Templates folder in your Documents folder (C:\Users\username\Documents\Custom Office Templates). If this folder contains other folders, they also appear as folders in the PERSONAL window.

Click the name of the template you want to use.

A new document appears with the features of the chosen template.

Fill in the new document as required, then save it.

If you want one of your custom templates to also appear at the top of the list of FEATURED templates to make it quicker to access (no need to click the PERSONAL option), point to the template then click the images/13i27.png symbol. To remove it from the list of FEATURED templates, point to it then click the images/13i28.png symbol: next time you activate the File tab then the New option, this template will no longer appear in the list of FEATURED templates but only ...