Drawing borders around paragraphs

Select the paragraphs (including the paragraph marks icon images/ip89.png) or click in the relevant paragraph.

From the Home tab, go to the Paragraph group, open the list on the images/13iac32.png tool, then select Borders and Shading.

The tool button will change appearance according to the option selected.

To put a border around the paragraphs, click Box or Shadow in the Setting area.

Click the style of border you want from the Style list.

Select the border colour from the Color list. The colours in the Theme Colors set are based on the document settings (see the Styles and Style sets chapter). The colour you choose will change if you apply a different theme to the document.

Open the Width list and click the border width you want to apply.

To apply a border above, below, to the left or to the right of the paragraph, use the images/13i54.png, images/13i55.png, images/13i56.png and/or images/13i57.png available in the Preview pane. If you have selected several paragraphs, you will also see the images/13i58.png tool button which allows you to add or delete a horizontal border between the selected paragraphs.

You can also click directly on the border within the preview pane.

A preview of your border appears in the Preview pane.


Make sure Paragraph is selected in the Apply to list.

You can define the spacing between the text and the border by clicking the Options button and entering the values you want (to a maximum of 31 points), in the Top, Bottom, Left, and Right boxes. Click OK.

Click OK in the Borders and Shading dialogue box.

When the borders are paragraph formatted, a border appears from the left ...