Customising numbering on outline headings

Place the cursor in a paragraph that has a style applied to it.

From the Home tab, go to the Paragraph group, click the images/13iac21.png tool button and click Define New Multilevel List.

If needed, click the More button to display all the options from the dialogue box.

Select the level you wish to modify in the Click level to modify list.

If necessary, choose the style that you wish to associate with the selected level using the Link level to style list.

Select the numbering style in the Number style for this level list.


To add numbering from a higher level to the selected text, open the Include level number from list, then click the relevant numbering. Since no level can be higher than level 1, this option is unavailable when this level is selected.

The numbering then includes higher levels, for example: 2.1.a. You can delete the numbering of a higher level by selecting the corresponding number from the beginning of the Enter formatting for number field and then pressing [Del].

If you wish, choose a new starting number in the Start at box.

Note: this field displays paragraph numbering related to the position of the cursor: the starting number will change from this paragraph.

Customise the text used for the numbers in the Enter formatting for number text box. Use the Font button to modify the numbering font.

Select the number alignment in the Number alignment list. You can modify the numbering position in relation to the left margin from the Aligned at list.

In the Text ...