Managing page numbers

Deleting page numbers

From the Insert tab, click the Page Number button from the Header & Footer group, then click Remove Page Numbers.

You can also delete page numbers when you modify headers and footers using the Page Number button in the Design tab, from the tool Header & Footer Tools.

Saving a page number style

You can create a custom page number style, then save it in the list of built-in page number styles and apply it to other documents.

Insert and customise the page numbers that you would like to save (cf. Numbering the pages in a document).

Go to the header or footer part of the page and select the page number.

Click the Page Number button from the Header & Footer group, then, depending on where on the page you want to position the number, point to Top of Page, Bottom of Page or Page Margins

Click Save Selection as Page Number.

As a page number style is a building block, the Create New Building Block dialogue box appears. 

Specify the name of the page number style in the Name field.

Ensure that Page Numbers is selected in the Gallery list.

Open the Category list, then select one of the proposed categories, or click Create New Category.

If you are creating a new category, enter the Name in the Create New Category dialogue box, then click OK.

The predefined number styles which appear in the Top of Page, Bottom of Page and Page Margins lists are arranged by category.

If you want, enter a description of the number style in the Description area.

If the active document ...