Creating cross-references

A cross-reference refers to an item such as a heading, footnote or bookmark in another part of the document.

Type the text that will introduce your cross-reference in the document, then keep the insertion point where it is after the text.

From the Insert tab, go to the Links group and click Cross-reference.

In the Reference type list, choose the type of item you want to refer to: Numbered item, Heading, Bookmark etc.

In the Insert reference to list, select the information to insert into your document (the cross-reference).


The options in this list depend on the reference type you select.

In the For which bookmark field, select the item you want to refer to.

Check the Insert as hyperlink option if you wish to go to the item by clicking the cross-reference.

Check the Include above/below option to add the words above or below depending on the position of the item.

Click Insert.

You can also define other cross-references.

Click Close to close the Cross-reference dialogue box.

If you would like to edit a cross-reference, select the relevant reference, open the Cross-reference dialogue box, click the new item from the Insert reference to list, then click Insert.

To update your cross-references, select the relevant cross-reference(s), right-click the selection, then click the Update Field option.