Replacing one item of text with another

Place the insertion point where you want Word to start looking for the text.

From the Home tab, go to the Editing group and click Replace or use the [Ctrl] H keyboard shortcut.

Enter the text you need to find in the Find what box, deleting old search criteria if necessary.

Go into the Replace with box, deleting its existing contents and enter the new text.

If necessary, click More and specify how you want the replacement to be carried out (cf. Finding text).


The Find whole words only option is the same as the one in the Find dialogue box.

The Match case option has considerable importance here. If you ask, for example, to replace BB by Bluebird, Word will only look for occurrences of "BB" and will replace them with "Bluebird". If the option is not active, Word will find "BB" and replace it with "BLUEBIRD"; it will look for "Bb" and replace it with "Bluebird"; it will find "bb" and replace it with "bluebird".

Click Find Next to start the search.

Word selects the first string of characters it finds; if the dialogue box hides the selection in the text, you can drag its title bar to move it.

If you want to make the replacements one by one, use the Replace button to replace the selected string of characters and look for the next occurrence. If you click Find Next, you continue the search without making the replacement. If you wish to make all the replacements at once, click Replace All.

The number of replacements ...