Saving a table of contents

You can create a custom table of contents, then save it in the Table of Contents Gallery.

Create and save the customised table of contents.

From the References tab, click Table of Contents visible in the group of the same name, then Save Selection to Table of Contents Gallery....

As a table of contents is a building block, the Create New Building Block dialogue box appears.

Assign a name for the table of contents in the Name field.

Make sure the Table of Contents option is selected in the Gallery list.

Select a category from the Category list, or click the Create New Category option.

If you are creating a new category, enter the Name in the Create New Category dialogue box, then click OK.

The preset tables of contents in the Table of Contents button (References tab) are arranged by category.

In the Description field you can enter a description of the table of contents.


If the active document is based on a template other than Normal, and you want to save the table of contents to that template, select its name in the Save in list; the table of contents will only be available for documents based on that template.

Open the Options list and select one of the following options:

Insert content only/Insert content in its own paragraph

Either option will insert a table of contents in a new paragraph.

Insert content in its own page

The table of contents is inserted on a new page; Word creates a page break before and after the table of contents.

Click OK to confirm and save the table ...