Using a master document

Open the master document that contains the sub-documents.

If needed, display the Outline mode (View tab - Outline button) then click Show Document.

Each sub-document is displayed as a hyperlink. You can click the hyperlink to open the sub-document. The sub-documents are separated by section breaks which you can see when the non-printable characters are displayed.


Click Expand Subdocuments in the Master Document group.

Choose what you wish to see using the Show Level list from the Outline Tools group.

To open a sub-document, double-click the sub-document icon images/I0357.png in the top left corner of the frame.

When you have finished working on it, save your changes and close the sub-document in order to return to the master document.

If you do not close it, the sub-document will be locked in the master document (you will see a padlock symbol images/IRB92.png appear below the icon images/I0357.png and you will not be able to make any changes to it.

To lock a sub-document to prevent any changes being made, click in the relevant sub-document then click the Lock Document tool button. To unlock it, click this button again.

To reorganize the contents of the master document, select within the sub-document the heading you want to move with the images/13i81.png or images/13i82.png tool button. Alternatively, point to the images/13i90.png button preceding the heading and drag it to its new position.

To divide a sub-document, place the insertion point at the place where you wish to break up the sub-document and click Split.

To merge sub-documents, select them, making sure they are displayed on top of each ...