Associating a password with a document

The document can no longer be modified without the password.

Open the relevant document.

Click the File tab then click the Save As option.

In the centre pane click Browse.

Click Tools then General Options.

If a password is required to open the document, enter a password in the Password to open text box (maximum 15 characters).

This option activates encryption to protect the document’s contents. This is a true security function.

If you wish to prevent unauthorised users from modifying or saving the document, enter a password in the Password to modify box. If the user does not know the password, he/she will only be able to open the document and read it.

This password blocks an unauthorised user from modifying the original document’s contents, but he/she can modify the document and save it under a different name, even without the password.

You cannot see the password as you type in it, as it is replaced by asterisks or dots on the screen. Be careful, as Word differentiates between upper and lower cases.

The Read-only recommended option results in a message being displayed which recommends to users that they open it as read-only. It is a recommendation rather than a rule.


Click OK.

Confirm the password(s) in the Reenter password to open/Reenter password to modify text box(es) then click OK.

Make sure the selected folder is the one where your document is stored, then click the Save button.

To remove a password associated with a document, first open the document using the password. ...