Comparing two documents side by side

This option allows you to display two documents side by side on your screen, in order to compare them.

Make sure that the documents that you plan to compare are both open and that the File tab is not active in both documents. You should be able to see their names in the Switch Windows drop-down list in the Window group of the View tab.

A document with the File tab active cannot be compared side by side with another document.

Display one of the documents that you plan to compare: in the View tab, click Switch Windows, then the name of the document to display, or click the button relating to the document to display in the task bar.

In the View tab, click the View Side by Side tool button in the Window group.

If only two documents are open, they will both be displayed on your screen, one alongside the other.

If more than two documents are open, the Compare Side by Side dialogue box opens for you to choose which document you would like to view next to the current one.


Double-click the document that you would like to see displayed next to the one that is already displayed, or select it then click OK.

The two documents appear on your screen side by side.


By default, when you scroll either document, both documents scroll at once. If you wish to scroll each document separately, go to the View tab in either document, Window, then deactivate Synchronous Scrolling images/13i30.png.

If you have changed the size or position of the windows, go to the View tab, Window group, then Reset Window Position images/13i31.png.

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