Applying a fill colour to cells

Using the tool

Select the relevant cells.

From the Table Tools - Design tab, go to Table Styles and open the Shading button list.

When you point to a colour, you will see it previewed in the selected cells.


Click the colour of your choice. Theme Colors are linked to the document theme (cf. Themes). If you choose one of the Theme Colors, the cell shading will change colour if you apply a different theme to the document.

To delete a fill colour applied to selected cells, click the Shading button, then click No Color.

To apply the last colour you selected, go to the Table Styles group and click the top part of the Shading button (Table Tools - Design tab).

Using the dialogue box

Select the relevant cells then click the Table Tools - Design tab.

Go to the Borders group and click the images/13i10.png button.

You can also go to the Borders group, open the Borders button list and click Borders and Shading.

Click the Shading tab.

Choose a fill colour under Fill.

You can choose the pattern colour in the Color list.

Click OK.