Creating a bibliography

A bibliography lists the sources used in a document, such as books, journal articles, web sites, and films. It is usually inserted at the end of the document.

Adding a new citation

A citation is the text displayed to the right of the sentence or expression cited in the document. Usually, when you add a new citation, you are creating a new source. However, the same source can be used for several citations.

Place the cursor where you want to insert a new citation, then click the References tab.

Go to the Citations & Bibliography group and choose a style from the Style list.

The fields (.e. the areas where you enter the text for your source; for a book you will have the fields Author, Heading, Year, etc.) assigned to a source can also change according to the type of style you choose.

Click the Insert Citation button in the Citations & Bibliography group.

If your document contains citations, the sources for these citations appear at the top of the list.


Perform one of the following actions:

  • To create a citation using an existing source, click the source from the top of the list.

  • To add a citation by creating a new source and adding the source information, click Add New Source.

  • To add a citation by creating a new source without adding the source information, click Add New Placeholder: you can fill in the source information afterwards.

If you have chosen an existing source, the corresponding citation is inserted at the cursor.

If you are adding a placeholder or a new source, the Placeholder Name or Create Source dialogue ...