Managing cover pages

Deleting a cover page

From the Insert tab, go to the Pages group and click Cover Page then Remove Current Cover Page.

The cover page is immediately removed - without a message of confirmation.

Saving a cover page

Custom cover pages can be saved in the built-in gallery to be used at a later date.

Create the cover page that you want to save. You can create it from scratch, or by using one of the styles offered by Word.

Select the content to save in the cover page.

From the Insert tab, go to the Pages group and click Cover Page, then Save Selection to Cover Page Gallery.

As a cover page is a building block, the Create New Building Block dialogue box is displayed.

Specify the name of the cover page in the Name box.

Make sure that the Cover Pages box is checked in the Gallery list.

Open the Category list and select one of the categories, or click Create New Category.

If you choose the latter, enter a name in Create New Category, then click OK.

You can see the cover pages in the Cover Page list (Insert tab), arranged by category.

If you want, enter a description of the cover page in the Description box.


If the active document is created from a template other than the Normal template (Normal.dotm), and if you want to save the cover page in that template, select its name in the Save in list; the cover page will only be available for documents created from that particular template.

In the Options list, select Insert content in its own page.

Click OK.

If the cover page has been added to a template ...