Specifying the language used for the spell check

You can change the spell check language for the document or part of the document. This feature is useful for documents containing text in English as well as text in other languages. As English is the active spell check language by default for the whole document, if you leave things as they are, all text typed in another language will be considered as an error and underlined in red. However, if you choose the language that matches the text, it will no longer be underlined in red (unless Word spots errors in the chosen language), and during the spell check, the dictionary for that language will automatically be selected for this part of the text.

Select the part of the text you want to choose a different spell check language for.

From the Review tab, go to the Language group, click the Language button and then click the Set Proofing Language button.

Double-click the language used in the Mark selected text as list, then click OK.

By default, the name of the spell check language chosen for the selected text appears in the status bar. If this is not the case, right-click the status bar then click the Language option to activate it (a tick appears to the left of the option).

You can specify another spell check language before typing the text: place the insertion point at the place in your document where you want to start typing text in another language, then choose the language you want in the Language dialogue box. Follow these steps every time you want to change the spell check language for your document. ...