Publishing a document as a blog post

This feature creates a blog post from an active document. You must have a blog account (which you can get from a blog service provider).

If you have not done so already, create a blog account from a blogging service provider.

The following sites are compatible with Microsoft Word: SharePoint Blog, WordPress, Blogger, Telligent Community, TypePad, etc.

In Word, open the document from which you want to create a blog post.

Click the File tab, click Share, then Post to Blog.

Click the Post to Blog button.

A copy of the active document(s) appears. Now, only three tabs are available: File, Blog Post and Insert:


Registering a blog account

To publish your document in your blog account, you must first register this blog account in Word.

If no blog account has been registered in Word yet, a Register a Blog Account dialogue box appears in the middle of the screen. If so, click Register Now.

If at least one blog account has already been saved in Word, the Register a Blog Account dialogue box is not displayed. If so, click Manage Accounts on the Blog Post tab, then click New.

The New Blog Account dialogue box is displayed.

Choose your blogging service provider from the Blog list.


Click Next.

Specify the account information in the relevant fields.


Options vary between blogging service providers. Here, the service provider is WordPress.

Click OK.


Click Yes to the information message that appears.

Click OK on the message informing you that the blog account has been created.

Your blog account ...