Setting a tab stop

Tabs are used to align text using the [Tab] key. Here are examples of different tab stops and their effects:


When you create a new document, the default tab stops are set at 6.5 cm.

Using the mouse

Select the relevant paragraphs or place the insertion point inside the paragraph.

You can display the rulers by checking the Ruler option in the View tab (Show group).

Select the type of tab you want by clicking the images/IC-050.png button to the left of the ruler:

images/IC-050.png  left tab
images/IC-052.png  centre tab
images/IC-053.png  right tab
images/IC-054.png  decimal tab
images/IC-055.png  bar tab

Click the mark on the ruler where you want to put the tab stop.

The tab stop appears on the ruler.

Use the [Tab] key to align text to the tab stop (cf. Entering and editing text - Using tabs).

The address and the date are preceded by a tab: they are aligned at a tab stop set at 10.5 cm.


Using the dialogue box

Select the relevant paragraphs or position the insertion point in the paragraph.

From the Home tab, go to the Paragraph group and click the images/13i10.png button.

Click the Tabs button in the bottom left-hand corner of the Paragraph dialogue box.

For each tab stop:

  • Enter the position you want in the Tab stop position box.

  • Choose the alignment you want in the Alignment box.

  • Under Leader, select the appearance of the dots or line that will lead up to the tab stop.

  • Click Set.

Each tab stop you set appears in the Tab stop position list.


Once you have finished setting tab stops, click OK.

You can see the markers for the tab stops on the ruler. The ruler shows the tab stops for the active paragraph. Custom ...