Changing the style set

All style sets have the same styles with different formatting. If you change the style set of a document, all text formatted in a style changes according to the chosen style.

From the Design tab, go to the Document Formatting group, and click More images/13iac33.png, in the style set gallery.

If you are not sure which style set to apply, point to different styles to see how they would be applied in the document.

Here you see how the Lines (Distinctive) style set would be applied to the document text.


When you have made your choice, click the name of the style set to activate.

All text with the style that you have changed will automatically change to match the new style that you have defined.

To go back to the style set associated with the template on which the document is based, go to the Design tab, open the style set gallery then click Reset to the Default Style Set.