Comparing the formatting of two texts

Open the Reveal Formatting task pane (cf. previous sub title).

Select the first of the two texts. You can also click in a paragraph if you want to compare paragraph formatting.

You can see the formatting in the Reveal Formatting task pane.

Activate the Compare to another selection option.

Two example frames, with identical content, appear in the top part of the pane (in the Selected text area).

Select the text you want to compare or click in the paragraph if you are comparing paragraph formatting.


The details of the formatting differences, by category, appear in the Formatting differences box. If Word does not find any formatting differences, the text No formatting differences appears here.

You can apply the formatting of the first text you selected (which can be seen in the first frame under Selected text) to the active selection by pointing to the second frame under Selected text, opening the list, and choosing Apply Formatting of Original Selection.

When you have finished comparing the texts, uncheck the Compare to another selection check box then close the Reveal Formatting task pane by clicking the images/13i03.png tool.