Applying a paragraph style

You can format a paragraph using a paragraph style. There are two types of style: paragraph styles that basically contain paragraph formatting, and Linked styles which contain paragraph and character formatting. Unlike paragraph styles, Linked styles can also be applied to characters.

First method

Using the Styles pane.

Select the paragraphs, or click in one of the paragraphs.

From the Home tab, go to the Styles group and click the images/13i10.png button.

A list of styles appears. By default, only a selection of styles is visible in the Styles pane.

If required, change the style displayed in the panel. Click the Options link located at the bottom of the Styles pane, select the option you want from the Select styles to show list then click the OK button.

Check Show Preview if you want to see your style previewed in the pane.


Style formatting changes according to the style set (cf. Styles and styles set - Changing the style set).

Click the style you want. The images/IRB79.png symbol denotes a paragraph style, while the images/IRB76.png symbol denotes a Linked style type.

The paragraph is immediately formatted in the selected style.


You can close the Styles pane by clicking the images/13i03.png tool.

When you rest the pointer on a style, a description of that style appears in a ScreenTip. To create a style, refer to the Creating a style heading in the Styles and styles set chapter.

Second method

Using Style Gallery.

Select or click in the paragraph(s).

From the Home tab, go to the Styles group, click the More button images/13iac33.png in the lower part of the scroll bar. This will display ...