Adding or removing a service

This procedure involves associating your social network accounts (Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr, Facebook, YouTube) or other online storage accounts (Office 365, SharePoint or OneDrive) with your current account, so that you can access data in those accounts using Office applications. For example, if you connect the Facebook service to your Microsoft account, you can use photos from your Facebook account in Microsoft applications, such as Word, Excel etc.

Activate the account to which you want to add a service.

Click the File tab and then the Account option.

The service(s) to which the current user account is connected will appear in the list of Connected Services.

Click the Add a service button and then point to the name of the service you want.


The list of available services will vary depending on which services are already in use and the current account type.

Depending on the available options, you may be able to access these services:

  • Images & Videos to access your own photos saved to your Flickr account or videos from the YouTube site in Office (PowerPoint, Word etc.), or pictures and videos from your Facebook account.

  • Storage to store your data on the cloud, via Office 365 SharePoint and OneDrive.

  • Sharing to access your LinkedIn or Twitter accounts.

Continue the process of adding services by working through any further screens which appear (e.g. entering user ID and passwords).

Services added in this way will appear straight away in the Connected Services list.


In this example, we now have access to our OneDrive storage areas, ...