Using Intuitive Help

Tell Me is the name of the intuitive help feature integrated into each of the Office 2016 applications. It appears as a search box and can be found to the right of the tab bar on the ribbon. Depending on what keywords you enter, the results will enable you to perform the command you need without having to search for it among the tabs.

Activate the search by clicking on Tell me what you want to do.

The list which appears contains recent searches and suggestions:


Enter the keyword(s) for the command you want to find.

Commands associated with the keyword(s) appear in the list; the option Get Help on takes you to the classic Word help:


Choose the command you want to use from the list of suggestions.

If you simply want to look for help to do with the keyword(s) you entered, choose Get Help on….

If you want to get information from the Web (using the Bing search engine), choose Smart Lookup on….

If you have chosen this last option, the Smart Lookup pane, which appears to the right of the screen, will provide the information you want. The Define link allows you to look up the definition of the keyword(s) you entered:


If the information for which you are searching is in the document text, you can select the text, then click the right mouse button over your selection and choose Smart Lookup to display the search results in your Smart Lookup pane.

The Help tool from the previous versions of Word no longer appears on the application title bar, but you can still access it by pressing the [F1] key.