Saving a document theme

You can save the changes you have made to colours, fonts and/or theme effects as a custom theme, thus enabling you to re-use the theme in future documents.

After customising the theme (cf. previous heading), click the Themes button in the Design tab, then click Save Current Theme....

The Document Themes folder is selected by default.


Make sure the Document Themes folder is selected (C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Templates\Document Themes) if you want the custom theme to appear in the drop-down list associated with the Themes button.

Specify the name of the file in the File name text field.

A custom theme has the extension .thmx.

Click Save.

The custom theme appears in the Custom area of the Themes button.

To delete a custom theme, click the Themes button. In the Custom area, right-click the theme to delete, then click Delete. Confirm the deletion by clicking Yes on the message that is displayed.

To change or delete a custom colour or font set, click either the Colors or Fonts button. Alternatively, right-click the colour/font set to change or delete, then click Edit or Delete.