Using the list of recently used documents

If you want to open a recent document quickly, click the Open option on the File tab, or use the [Ctrl] O keyboard shortcut (the File tab does not need to be active) then, if necessary, click the Recent option in the centre pane.

By default, the last twenty-five documents are visible in this list. If your list is full (25 documents by default), each time you open a document, the last document from the list disappears, its place being taken by the document that you have just opened, which is placed at the top of the list.

To keep (pin) a document in the Recent list, point to the document concerned then click the images/13i27.png symbol visible to the right of the relevant document; you can also right-click the relevant document then click the Pin to list option.

The added document is displayed at the top of the list. In this example, the file "Leinster" has been pinned to the list


You can see the folder where this document is saved under its name.

To remove a document pinned to the list, point to the document then click the images/13i28.png symbol (blue): the document will disappear automatically when it reaches the bottom of the list.

To delete a document from the list, right-click its name then click Remove from list.

To keep only the document you have added to the list, right-click a document then click Clear unpinned Documents.

To add recent documents under Options on the File tab, and thus access them more quickly, open the Word Options dialogue box (File tab - Options) then click the Advanced category. In the Display ...