Customising a theme

You can customise the theme applied to a document by changing the colour, fonts and/or effects. Later in this chapter we will learn how to save these changes in a custom theme so that they can be applied to other documents.

Changing theme colours

From the Design tab, go to the Document Formatting group and click the Colors tool button.

The icon colours represent the current text and background colours. The colours in each colour bar represent the accent and hyperlink colours.

If you are not sure which colours to apply, rest the mouse pointer over the colour sets to see how they would be applied in your document.

Click the colour set you prefer, or click Customize Colors if you want to create your own colour set.

If you have clicked a particular colour set, those colours will be applied to the corresponding parts of your document.

If you have clicked the Customize Colors option, the Create New Theme Colors dialogue box appears on the screen.


Every colour theme has its own button: four Text/Background colours, six Accent colours and two Hyperlink colours.

For each colour you want to change, click the corresponding button, then click the colour you want.

You will see a preview in the Sample pane.

Enter a name for each new colour set in the Name text field.

Click Save.

The new colour set appears in the Custom area under the Colors tool button.

Changing theme fonts

From the Design tab, go to the Document Formatting group and click the Fonts tool button.

If you are not sure which font to choose, rest the mouse pointer ...