Customising the spell check

Click the File tab, Options, then click Proofing.

Choose whether or not to ignore words in uppercase and/or words that contain numbers by checking the option Ignore words in UPPERCASE and/or Ignore words that contain numbers.

These options are useful if, for example, the document contains a list of proper nouns.

Check or uncheck the Ignore Internet and file addresses option according to your preference.

Check the Flag repeated words option if you want Word to display potential corrections; otherwise, repeated words are ignored.

If you work with French texts, check or uncheck the Enforce accented uppercase in French option depending on whether you want capital letters to have accents.

Check Suggest from main dictionary only if you want Word to use only the main dictionaries added to the spell checkers and not custom dictionaries.

The options under When correcting spelling in Microsoft Office programs apply to all Microsoft Office programs (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, etc.).

Click OK.