Liste des sources de trace (Get-TraceSource)

Name                       Description   
----                       -----------   
CmdletProviderClasses      The namespace provider base classes tracer   
CmdletProviderContext      The context under which a core command is being run.   
CommandDiscovery           Traces the discovery of cmdlets, scripts, functions...  
CommandSearch              CommandSearch  
ConsoleControl             Console control methods   
ConsoleHost                ConsoleHost subclass of S.M.A.PSHost   
ConsoleHostRunspaceInit    Initialization code for ConsoleHost’s Runspace   
ConsoleHostUserInterface   Console host’s subclass of S.M.A.Host.Console   
ConsoleLineOutput          ConsoleLineOutput   
DisplayDataQuery           DisplayDataQuery   
ETS                        Extended Type System   
FileSystemProvider         The namespace navigation provider for the file system   
FormatFileLoading          Loading format files   
FormatInfoDataClassFactory FormatInfoDataClassFactory ...