Changing the page orientation

By default, pages are displayed in Portrait orientation (21cm x 29.7cm) for A4 format. If you activate Landscape orientation, the page dimensions change to 29.7cm x 21cm for A4 format.

To change the page orientation of a document with several sections, place the insertion point in the section that has the pages you wish to modify.

For more information on sections, refer to Creating and formatting a section, from the Presentation chapter.

Click the Layout tab.

Go to the Page Setup group and click the Orientation button.


Click either Portrait or Landscape.

The page orientation applies to the active page. If the document only has one section (which is the default for new documents), the orientation will apply to the whole document.

When you change page orientation, Word applies the values of the top and bottom margins to the left and right margins, and vice versa.

To change the orientation of one part of the document, click in the relevant section, then click the images/13i10.png button in the Page Setup group of the Layout tab to open the Page Setup dialogue box. When you have chosen the Orientation you want, go to the Apply to list and choose Whole document, Selected text, This point forward, Selected sections or This section. Confirm your choice by clicking OK.

To access the Page Setup dialogue box, you can click the Page Setup link under the Print options (File tab - Print).