Creating/opening/saving a document

The steps described here apply to saving and opening documents stored on your computer. To save or open a document on your OneDrive area, please see the section on Using the OneDrive online storage area, later in this chapter.

Creating a document

Click the File tab and the New option, then click Blank document in the right-hand pane.

You can also use the [Ctrl] N (the File tab does not have to be active).

To create a new document from an existing document, please refer to the heading later in this chapter.

Opening a document

To open a document, click the Open option from the File tab (or [Ctrl] O), then select the This PC location in the centre pane.

You can also click the Open Other Documents link which appears when you open the Word application, then click the This PC location.

The right-hand pane shows the contents (sub-folders and files) in the Documents folder:


If the document you want to open is saved in the Documents folder or one of its sub-folders, click on the file or sub-folder and then the file. If the document you wish to open is in a different location, click the Browse button in the centre pane.

If you have chosen the Browse button, the Open dialogue box will be displayed.

In the left-hand pane, select the folder containing the document you want to open and double-click the document in the right-hand pane. To open several documents simultaneously, select them using the [Ctrl] key, then click the Open button.

Saving a document

To save a new document, click the images/IC-024.png tool on the Quick Access Toolbar or select the Save ...