Moving/Selecting and typing



Delete the word to the left of the insertion point


Delete the word to the right of the insertion point


[Down arrow]/[Up arrow]

Next/previous line

[Right arrow]/[Left arrow]

Next/previous character


End/Beginning of the line


Previous/Next screen page


Bottom/Top of the window


Beginning/End of the document

[Ctrl][Up arrow]/[Ctrl][Down arrow]

Previous/Next paragraph



Text/column selection


Back to previous selection

[Ctrl] A

Select whole document

Insert special character/content


Line break


Page break


Column break


Non-breaking space

[Ctrl] _

Non-breaking hyphen

[Ctrl] -

Optional hyphen


Create a new building block

[Alt][Shift] T

Time field

[Alt][Shift] D

Date field

[Alt][Shift] P

Page field

[Ctrl][Alt] C

Copyright symbol

[Ctrl][Alt] R

Registered trademark symbol

[Ctrl][Alt] T

Trademark symbol

[Ctrl][Alt] . (full stop)