Inserting a predefined header

Headers and footers are lines of text appearing in the upper and lower margins of a document respectively. Predefined headers and footers apply to all pages of a document. In a predefined header or footer, some of the text fields are already filled in (page number, author, company name, etc.), while other text fields are left blank for you to fill in (heading, sub-title, date, etc.).

If the document has more than one section, click in one of the pages in the section to which the header or footer is to be added.

Click the Insert tab.

Go to the Header & Footer area and click either the Header or Footer button.


If you need to, scroll down the list then click the built in header or footer you want.

The predefined header or footer is inserted in every page of the document (or section).

If required, complete or edit the header or footer text: click on the area to be filled in, then enter the text you want, or use the list to select the information to insert. You can also change the way information is presented.

Here, you can select a date from the list.


The document text goes grey and the contextual Header & Footer Tools - Design tab appears.

Some text areas (Heading, Sub-heading, Author, etc.) are already filled in, since they are based on the properties defined for the document (cf. Documents - Choosing document properties).

When you have finished entering your text and completed the formatting, click the Close Header and Footer button, in the Close group of the Design tab (contextual Header & Footer ...