Protecting a form

Once the form is saved, disable the Design mode by clicking the Design Mode button in the Developer tab.

From the Review tab, go to the Protect group and click Restrict Editing button (this button is also displayed in the Developer tab).

Go to Editing restrictions and check the Allow only this type of editingin the document. Open the list and select Filling in forms.


If your document is divided into sections, you can leave certain sections unprotected. To do this, click the Select sections link, check the sections that you wish to protect and deactivate the others. Click OK.

Click the Yes, Start Enforcing Protection button.

If required, enter a password of up to 15 characters in the Enter new password (optional) text box.

Although a password is not mandatory, it is strongly recommended. If the form does not have a password, any user can deactivate the protection and thus modify the content.

If required, confirm the password you typed earlier in the Reenter passwordto confirm box.

On the screen, the password characters are always replaced by asterisks (*) or dots. Be careful about the case of the letters you use.


Click OK then save the changes made to the form.

Without a password, form users will only be able to access and enter data in the form fields.

To remove the protection, display the Restrict Editing pane (Review tab - Protect group - Restrict Editing button). Click Stop Protection, if prompted enter the password that was used to protect the form and click OK.