Using spellchecker/automatic formatting

When you make a spelling/typing error or type a word that Word does not recognise, a wavy line appears under the unrecognised word (in red if it is spelling mistake, in blue if it is a grammatical error or an inappropriate choice of words).

To correct the mistake, right-click the relevant word.

Word suggests one or more possible replacements.


Click the correct spelling (with the left mouse button).

The word is immediately replaced.

When there are spelling or grammar errors in the document, the images/IC-028.png icon appears in the status bar; if not, the images/IC-029.png icon appears.

Most proper nouns are not recognised by Word. Equally, Word does not like words that are typed twice in a row.

If the wavy red and blue lines bother you, go ahead and hide them: to do this, click the File tab, Options, then Proofing. This category contains options for the AutoCorrect feature. In the Exceptions for list, select the document in which you want to hide spelling or grammatical errors. Next, check Hide spelling errors in this document only or Hide grammar errors in this document only. The checked option applies to the document selected in the Exceptions for list. Click OK to finish. From now on, errors will only be indicated by an icon in the status bar, and you will not be able to use the contextual menu to correct them.

To turn off AutoCorrect, uncheck Check spelling as you type and Check grammar with spelling in the Word Options dialogue box (File tab- Options - Proofing category- When correcting spelling and grammar in Word section).