Inserting a video from a website

You can insert a video from a Web search (YouTube or Bing) or from your OneDrive storage area; you can also copy the code linked to the video if it is taken from a website.

In the Word document, position the cursor at the place where you want to insert the video.

On the Insert tab, go to the Media group and click the Online Video button.

The Insert Video window appears on the screen, with a choice of options.


To search for a video on the Web using the Bing website, click the Search Bing box.

To search for a video on the YouTube website, click the Search YouTube box.

If you have chosen to search on Bing or YouTube, type the keyword(s) to find the video you want, then click the images/13i113.png button or press [Enter] to run the search.

The list of videos that meet your search criteria appears in the window.

In the following example, you can see a YouTube search on the words "Pancakes recipe"; 183000 results have been found.


To zoom in on a thumbnail and view the video before downloading it, point to the thumbnail then click the View Larger images/13i114.png symbol.

The chosen thumbnail appears at the centre of the window; the other thumbnails appear greyed out.

To view the video, click the play images/13i163.png button.
To minimise the thumbnail, click the images/13i115.png tool.

To display the name and length of a video as well as the link to the website where it was found, click to select it; this information appears in the bottom left of the window. When you point to a thumbnail, you also see the name of the video in a screentip.

To change your search, edit ...