Saving a table to the gallery

You can create a custom table then save it to the tables gallery and use it at a later date.

Create, format and select a table.

From the Insert tab, go to the Tables group, click Table, then point to Quick Tables and click Save Selection to Quick Tables Gallery.

As a table is a building block, the Create New Building Block dialogue box appears.

Assign a name to your table in the Name box.

Make sure that Tables is selected in the Gallery list.

Choose a category from the Category list, or click Create New Category.

If you choose to create a new category, enter its Name in the Create New Category dialogue box, and then click OK.

The tables that appear under the Table button (Insert tab - Table button - Quick Tables option) are listed by category.

You can enter a Description of the table in the corresponding text field.


You can select a different template in the Save in list if you want the table to be available in that template. 

Open the Options list and select one of the following options:

Insert content only/Insert content in its own paragraph: whichever option you choose, the table is inserted in a new paragraph.

Insert content in its own page: the table is inserted on a new page, Word puts a page break before and after the table.

Click OK to confirm the table’s location.

The table is now available in the list of Quick Tables (Insert tab - Tables group - Table button) and can be inserted into any document.

If you are not working in the Normal.dotm template, Word will prompt ...