Modifying a document template

You can open a template to modify its contents.

Click the File tab, then click Open.

Select the This PC option from the centre pane, then click the Documents folder in the right-hand pane. (If that folder is not displayed, select Browse from the centre pane.)

The Documents folder is selected, displaying the Custom Office Templates folder.

Double-click the Custom Office Templates folder to select it. If the template is stored in a sub-folder, double-click the sub-folder containing the template you want to open. If you do not see any templates, select the option All Word Documents located to the right of the File name field.

Double-click the name of the template to open.

Make your changes, save the template then close it.

By default, Word documents are based on the Normal.dotm template. You can open and modify this template in the same way as you would modify any other template. The customisations will apply to all new documents you create. The Normal.dotm template is stored in the C:\Users\user_name\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Templates folder.

If the Normal.dotm template is deleted, renamed or moved, Word automatically recreates it when the application is next launched. In this case, all customisations are lost.

To delete a document template, select it in the Open dialogue box ([Ctrl] O) or in Windows Explorer, press the [Del] key. It is not possible to delete a template which is used by an open Word document. This deletion does not affect other documents that have been created from that template.