Applying a theme to a document

Every document theme has a range of colours (for text, background and hyperlinks), two fonts (a title font and a text font) as well as a range of line and fill effects. Word provides a number of preset document themes. By default, the Office theme is applied to each new document.

Open the document to which you want to apply a new theme.

From the Design tab, go to the Document Formatting group and click the Themes button.

If you are not sure which theme to apply, rest the mouse pointer over the different themes to see how they would be applied in your document.


The themes provided by Word appear in Office. You might also see other themes in the Custom area.

Click the theme you want to apply.

Changes that you make to one or more of these theme components immediately affect the styles that you have applied in the active document.

To apply the theme associated with the document template, click Themes then Reset to Theme from Template.

The option Browse for Themes allows you to search your computer for themes that do not appear in the list.

In order for the current theme to be defined as the default theme in the template for the active document, go to the Design tab, go to the Document Formatting group and click the Set as Default button; the theme will be applied to new documents.