Convert text into table

You can change columns of text separated by tabs or commas into a table.

Select the text you want to convert into a table.

From the Insert tab, go to the Tables group, click the Table button, then click Convert Text to Table.


Enter the number of columns the table should contain in the Number of columns box.

Select one of the three options in the AutoFit behavior frame to define how the width of the columns should be determined.

You can see further details of this function in the "inserting a table" section.

In the Separate text at text box, select the character you wish to use as a column indicator.

Click OK.

If your text is separated by tabs, each time you press the [Tab] key you will create a column, and each time you press [Enter] or [Shift][Enter] you will create a row.

Alternatively, you can convert a table into text. To do this, first select the table, click the Table Tools - Layout tab, go to the Data group and click Convert to Text. Next, check the marker to separate your text, and then click OK.