Editing a PDF document in Word

You can now open a PDF document in Word in order to edit its content.

On the File tab, click the Open option then the This PC location.

Select a recently used folder or click the Browse button.

If need be, select the folder where your PDF file is saved.

The All Word Documents option selected by default from the list of file types (to the right of the File name box) now includes the PDF format. Thus, you can see PDF documents and Word documents in the same folder at the same time. However, you can choose to display PDF documents only.

If you want to only display documents in PDF format, select the PDF Files option in the list to the right of the File name box; note, this option will remain selected next time you open the Open dialogue box. Therefore, to display all Word documents again, you will need to select the All Word Documents option from the list of file types.

Select the PDF document you want to open, then click the Open button or directly double-click the PDF document you want to open.

A message informs you that your PDF document will be converted into an editable Word document. This message also informs you that the resulting document may not be identical to the original PDF document.


Click the message’s OK button.

The PDF document appears in Word. If you have chosen to display file extensions (Windows setting), you will see the .pdf extension to the right of the document’s name in the title bar.


You now have several options:

  • To save the PDF document in Word format without editing ...