Using smart lookup

Smart lookup is a new feature in Word 2016 which you can use to search the Internet via the Bing search engine for information on a text or document and/or look up a definition.

If the search text is in the document, select it and then right-click over the selection and select the Smart Lookup option.

If the text cannot be found in the document, enter the search text in the Tell me what you want to do intuitive help area (to the right of the tab bar), and then select the Smart Lookup on option.

The Smart Lookup pane is displayed to the right of the window; the Explorer tab, active by default, shows the results found on websites.


To see a definition of the text, click the Define tab at the top of the Smart Lookup pane.


To close the Smart Lookup pane, click the pane’s Close button images/ic008R.png.