Defining keyboard shortcuts

Open the document or template for which you want to add a keyboard shortcut.

Click the File tab and then Options.

Select the Customize Ribbon category and click the Customize button next to Keyboard shortcuts.

Check the name of the template or document in the Save changes in list.

In the Categories list, choose the relevant tab, or if you want to assign a keyboard shortcut to a style, a font, a building block, a macro or a symbol, select the relevant option from the same list.

In the corresponding list, select the particular command, macro, font, building block, style or symbol to which you want to assign a shortcut.

The list name changes according to the function of the category you select.

Click in the Press new shortcut key field then enter a shortcut.

Check that the text [unassigned] appears to the right of the Currently assigned to option.


Click the Assign button.

The appears in the Current keys box.

Click the Close button then OK.

To restore all the original Word keyboard shortcuts for the document or template selected in the Save changes in list, click the Reset All button in the Customize Keyboard dialogue box.

To delete a shortcut, select the category, then the relevant command in the Customize Keyboard dialogue box. Then select the shortcut in the Current keys box, then click Remove.

To print the custom keyboard shortcuts, click the File tab, then the Print option. Open the first list under the Settings area and select Key Assignments. Click the Print button to start printing.