Creating a master document

A master document consolidates a group of Word documents (called sub-documents) into one document, enabling you to manage page numbers, headings, notes etc. in those sub-documents.

Create a new document using the template on which the sub-documents are based.

Click the Outline button on the View tab (Views group) status bar to go into Outline mode.

The Outlining tab on the ribbon is active.

Go to Master Document and click Show Document. This activates the Master Document mode. Its options become available in Outlining mode.

To insert a sub-document, click the Insert button, if necessary, in the paragraph where you want to insert it. Select your document, then click Open.

If the sub-document uses a style already in use in the document (this is true for preset Word styles such as Heading 1, Heading 2, etc.), you get a message prompting you to rename the sub-document styles to avoid confusion.


In this case, click one of the following buttons:


Those styles will be copied into the master document then renamed to avoid confusion. By default, the original styles of the master document are used.


Those styles will not be copied into the master document.

Use this procedure to insert all sub-documents into your master document.

The entire sub-document outline appears in a grey border.

To show only a partial outline of the sub-document, open the Show Level list then click the required level depending on which heading you wish to see.

Save then close the master document.

You can create a sub-document ...