Creating an AutoText

AutoText lets you store text that you use over and over, such as addresses and abbreviations.

If the AutoText relates to a document created from a particular template, open a document based on that template.

Enter the contents of the AutoText then, if you like, apply the formatting.

Select the AutoText contents; include the paragraph character images/ip89.png in your selection if you want the AutoText to insert the text with its original formatting (indent, alignment, line spacing).

From the Insert tab, go to the Text group, click the Explore Quick Parts button images/IC-036.png, point to AutoText then Save Selection to AutoText Gallery.

As the AutoText is considered a kind of building block (the name Word gives to predefined items that can be inserted into a document), the Create New Building Block dialogue box is displayed.

Assign a name to the AutoText in the Name field.

Make sure AutoText is selected in the Gallery list.

Open the Category list and select one of the categories, or click CreateNew Category... to create a new category.

If you have chosen to create a new category, apply its Name in the Create New Category dialogue box then click OK.

If you want, enter a description of the autotext in the Description box.

If the active document is based on a template other than Normal, and you want to save the AutoText in that template, select its name from the Save in list: the AutoText will only be available for documents based on that template.


Open the Options list and select one of the following options:

Insert content only ...